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Friday, August 3, 2012

My Idrotherapy Review - Part 2

Ok, ladies, ready to smash those wrinkles? In this post I will continue to share my experience with Idrotherapy wrinkle eraser product. And let me tell you one thing - it is great!

 If you've read my first post then you know that I ordered my Idrotherapy free trial jar in a very emotional moment of my life when I was feeling desperate. I kept asking myself how come my face got aged without me noticing the signs and taking care of my skin.

 I applied for the trial offer and crossed my fingers hoping that there were still trials available. I counted the hours and after 3 days - SURPRISE - I got my Idrotherapy jar.
idrotherapy freetrial
Now the quantity in the trial jar may look quite unsufficient but it lasted my for 3 weeks - enough to prove its effectiveness.

Just to share I didn't tell anyone about this - my mother, my husband and even the kids were completely unaware I was going to try Idrotherapy. I kept this little secret because I wanted to be the only one disappointed in case things didn't go well for me.

I resisted the urge to apply the Idrotherapy cream that same night and went to bed with big hopes. The next morning I got up earlier than the others, washed and cleaned my face and opened the "Magic jar" [that's how I still call it even if my kids won't stop laughing at me].

So the Idrotherapy cream has a very light texture and is extremely easy to apply. I did watch some how-to videos the previous night so I could apply it like the pros. At first it felt a little greasy and I almost panicked because I have this oily skin with hu-u-uge pores but after a couple of minutes my skin felt like silk velvet.

I still had the lines across my forehead and the crow's feet but the feeling was completely different. It was like my skin has awaked from a deep sleep.

 I was too curious and almost forgot to wake my kids for the kindergarten. After I drove them to the kindergarten I went to the groceries for a super quick shopping tour and almost flied back home.

I had to research more information about this Idrotherapy antiaging thing because I wanted to be completely sure it won't damage my skin and my health. See, I thought if it had this amazing effect after only a single application than most certainly there was some secret genetic modification involved.

So ... Idrotherapy has 2 active agents - Renovage and Matrixyl. I 'll post more information about how they work in the next couple of days.
Until then you can find information on Idrotherapy official page and when you are ready go to this page to order your free trial jar. I can't wait to hear success stories from other women.

P.S. I need to ask you a huge favor - my hubby now knows why I look so good and most importantly why I am happier and smiling these days. But ... he doesn't know about this little blog of mine. Can you keep my little secret for a few more days? I've got something in mind.

Thank you for being such a great reader! I really hope you move yourself and try Idrotherapy - I know you will love it. I just know!

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