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Friday, August 3, 2012

Idrotherapy Video Review - Well, Sort Of

Hey, whassup? Ara here!

Just a quick post to show you my brand new, still hot off the press Idrotherapy video review.

Please tell me what you think, don't keep anything back, because I want your feedback.

Remember that in my last post I asked you to keep my blog secret because my husband doesn't have a clue about it. Now you are probably thinking I've lost my mind because posting a video on is like "Hey, come on! Come see me! I'm X's wife!"

So I've made the decision to tell him about my online ramblings and I need your support. The good friends you are! Now tell me how I'm doing - leave a comment bellow!

Here comes Ara - The Webbeast, lol! 

OK, that's for today! Time to do my skincare routine with Idrotherapy :)

Has any of you got their free Idrotherapy triall? Please share!

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