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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My IdroTherapy Review Part 1

Hey, Thanks for landing on my page! Are you looking for an honest Idrotherapy review?
Man, with all the scams going around we are lost. But assuming you are a pretty girl aged 30+ I think I have a great deal for ya.

my idrotherapy review
Hey, I'm Ara
Before we go and dissect this new Idrotherapy miracle wrinkle eraser let me introduce myself. My name is Ara and I'm a 39 years old mother to 2 lovely boys.

I've always looked younger for my real age until a couple of months ago I looked at myself in the mirror [that happens once a month - really, who has time to stare at a mirror face when kids are breaking the house?] and was shocked. For the first time I saw these ugly lines along my forehead, that scary crow's feet on my sides and the whole tired look of my face... OMG! Have I been blind or what?

The reality struck me deeply and I almost gave in depression. Thank God the kids were at the kindergarten that day so I dragged myself to the computer and began googling and reading and googling and reading until I was completely overwhelmed with information and products that all seemed too good to be true. I desperately needed advice. Really, how is one supposed to decide on which anti aging product to buy?

So what does a girl do when advice is needed? That's right, you caught me :) I called my mother and after an hour long teary rant she promised to introduce me to a friend of hers that has always been looking like a Hollywood star. No sleep that night and early the next day I got at my mom's house prepared for a miracle.

Long story short - there was no f*cking miracle! If you call BOTOX a miracle. I was mad! Botox in my face? No way!

I went back home, sat in front of the computer determined to buy the first offer that gets in front of my sore eyes. That's the story how I started using Idrotherapy. And I'm so thankful things went this way.

Only after a month my look changed completely.

But I will tell you about that change tomorrow. In case you can't wait for my IdroTherapy review Part 2 you can click here and get a free Idrotherapy trial jar.

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