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Monday, August 20, 2012

Idrotherapy - Check What Other Women Say!

How are you my friends?

New week's on the way and I want to let you know that is not only me who's gone crazy over Idrotherapy. I found a great video by ClevverStyle where she talks about Idrotherapy skincare and why she is using it. You can check out the video below.

Since it's along one and I know your time is valuable you can go directly to 7:18 min when she starts her Idrotherapy review. If you have enough time, watch the whole entry - this girl is so sweet :)

See? It works!

If you had the time to watch the video from the start then you know that before Idrotherapy she reveals the secret to her perfect glowing skin. [hint: 6:15]

You may have heard of it as it is quite popular topic on skincare forums - it's called Argan Oil.
She rated it 11 on the scale 1 to 10! So it must be great.

I think it's worth the check. By now you know I'm all for the freebie so I went on and found a free trial for Argan oil as well :) Don't know about you but I love free trials. My skin is pretty sensitive and I always try before I buy.

So here you go:

See you in a couple of days to share what I have found about the other ingredient in Idrotherapy - Renovage.

Take care!

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