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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Renovage - A Key Ingredient In Idrotherapy Wrinkle Reducer

In this post I will try to bring some light on the other active agent used in Idrotherapy - Renovage. Most of you know that Idrotherapy has two active anti wrinkle substances - Matrixyl and Renovage. I have already talked about Matrixyl in a previous post so in case you want to know more here it is - .

What Is Renovage?

Sederma, the company behind Renovage, defines it as an "effective active ingredient that acts as both a cell facilitator and corrector" counteracting the cutaneous dysfunction. This dysfunction is the main property that can lead to the aging of skin cells. 

Sederma also says that the ingredient's main benefit is its "ability to avoid premature cell aging".

How can Renovage [Idrotherapy] help your skin?

Renovage acts with a component of the DNA of the skincells, called telomeres. Telomeres appear as caps on the strands of DNA that are found within the skin and have a finite life span, and they shorten as time passes.

As time passes and these telomeres start to shorten, the effects of aging on the skin - wrinkles, fine lines, redness, sun spots, etc. become visible.

A recent study of 24 volunteers showed that a 3% concentration of Renovage exerted significant and visible activity on both the functional and structural signs of ageing:

· Skin hydration and its barrier function were increased

· Pigmented spots were lessened by 56% after 6 months

· Skin firmness increased by 35% and skin tone by 45% in one month

· Skin’s overall texture improved; roughness decreased

· Lines, wrinkles, large pores and skin redness were reduced

idrotherapy review - renovage

What does this picture tells us?

1. Redness has reduced significantly. 
2. Wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet are drastically reduced. 
3. The skin has a much more even tone and the correct amount of moisture!

What's even more incredible:

The lifespan of the cells was increased by over 33%
Increased resistance to the very dangerous and harmful UVB sun damage rays by 100% .

These facts are so amazing but I wanted more real life examples, not these official study results.

Here is what bettybabuu shares on a popular skincare forum:

I’m 65 and I've had rosacea since about 30. It comes and goes, better and worse, with no reason, but seems to be worse since menopause. I've used various antibiotics and metrogel and finacea on and off as needed. I recently started using products with Renovage and within a few days the redness was gone and my skin looks very normal now with no breakouts… The Renovage also shrinks large pores and smooths your skin, but can be a little oily here in Phoenix summer. 

I hope all this information has helped you learn more about Renovage and Idrotherapy.

You can try and see what Idrotherapy can do for your skin by applying for a free trial. 
Click the button to go to Idrootherapy official website.

If you need to know more just go through my Idrotherapy review posts.

Idrotherapy review Part 1

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.

Take care!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Idrotherapy - Check What Other Women Say!

How are you my friends?

New week's on the way and I want to let you know that is not only me who's gone crazy over Idrotherapy. I found a great video by ClevverStyle where she talks about Idrotherapy skincare and why she is using it. You can check out the video below.

Since it's along one and I know your time is valuable you can go directly to 7:18 min when she starts her Idrotherapy review. If you have enough time, watch the whole entry - this girl is so sweet :)

See? It works!

If you had the time to watch the video from the start then you know that before Idrotherapy she reveals the secret to her perfect glowing skin. [hint: 6:15]

You may have heard of it as it is quite popular topic on skincare forums - it's called Argan Oil.
She rated it 11 on the scale 1 to 10! So it must be great.

I think it's worth the check. By now you know I'm all for the freebie so I went on and found a free trial for Argan oil as well :) Don't know about you but I love free trials. My skin is pretty sensitive and I always try before I buy.

So here you go:

See you in a couple of days to share what I have found about the other ingredient in Idrotherapy - Renovage.

Take care!

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